Michel Ancel is the main man behind Beyond Good & Evil, but that’s not the title he’s most well known for. Ancel also created Rayman, which served as the de facto mascot for Ubisoft decades ago. That’s why it’s not surprising to learn Ancel originally intended to sneak the limbless hero into his later works.

Thanks to the release of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, gamers now have a new way to enjoy this decades-old classic. While it still offers up the original game experience from back in the day, this release also packs in some extra features, including a very extensive behind-the-scenes archives. It’s there that we learn about how Rayman almost made the cut for Beyond Good & Evil 20th.

At one point in development, Beyond Good & Evil had a Rayman Easter egg. Players who went off snooping around for secrets would eventually happen upon Rayman hanging out somewhere in the adventure. Unfortunately, this secret was yanked from the final version of the game. Even more interesting is the fact that Rayman was playable for his Beyond Good & Evil cameo, but that was only for the developers. If the Easter egg remained intact for the eventual release, players would only get to chat with Rayman instead of play as him.

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