New Lineup of Mega Man Battle Network Merchandise Available in Japan

Megaman in an american comic style? Sign me up!

26 June 2024
by the8bitlego 0

Megaman Battle Network has stolen the spotlight in Capcom’s latest Merchandise wave, and it comes with a twist! All of the art featured for the products is based on American-styled comics, drawn by Keisuke Mizuno.

All of this merch will be available at Capcom stores throughout Japan, or on Capcom’s online store. Check out the full rundown of items below!

  • Canvas Art (2 types) – 2,200 yen each (approximately $14 USD)
  • Clear File with Pocket (2 types) – 990 yen each (approximately $6 USD)
  • IC Card Sticker (2 types) – 880 yen each (approximately $5 USD)
  • Mug Cup (2 types) – 2,750 yen each (approximately $17 USD)
  • Long T-shirt (L, XL sizes, 2 types) – 5,500 yen each (approximately $34 USD)
  • PC Case (2 types) – 4,620 yen each (approximately $32 USD)
  • Mobile Phone Holder (2 types) – 1,980 yen each (approximately $12 USD)
  • Acrylic Stand (Trading, 12 types) – 990 yen each (approximately $6 USD)
  • Pin Badge (Trading, 12 types) – 880 yen each (approximately $5 USD)

For the full breakdown of all that’s available, check out SiliconEra’s write-up here. To pre-order some of the merch for yourself, check out the Capcom Store here.

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