Nintendo has made a number of purchases over the years when it comes to studios, but none may have been a better move than Monolith Soft. While Nintendo can put together a stellar RPG when they want to, a company like Monolith Soft specializes in the genre. Clearly since the Big N scooped up Monolith Soft, their output of RPGs has seen a serious uptick, and the quality of those experiences just gets better and better.

In order to keep the world better informed on just what’s going on behind the scenes with Monolith Soft, the studio has just opened a brand-new website dedicated to their Kyoto offices. The employees at Monolith Soft Kyoto mostly provide artistic content, and they act in assisting in both Monolith Soft and Nintendo projects.

You never know what’ll pop up on an official company’s website, as sometimes we get a hint at new projects to come. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with all things Monolith Soft, you can keep tabs on their Kyoto branch through the official website.


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