Publisher CFK originally planned to bring A Street Cat’s Tale 2 to Switch sometime in 2023. That obviously never came to be, but thankfully all that extra development time is officially over. You’ll be able to pick this game up on the Switch eShop today.

A Street Cat’s Tale 2 is an adventure game that incorporates Sokoban-based puzzles and a story of the trials and tribulations of a house cat named Cinnamon who, one day, follows a butterfly that flew in through the window and ends up outside.

Suddenly opening its eyes in an unfamiliar place, what will be at the end of Cinnamon’s adventure? Who will be at the end of this sewer? Can Cinnamon find its owner? Breakthrough various puzzles blocking Cinnamon’s path and move on to new places.

Cinnamon’s day is busy and hungry. You can get food by searching through trash cans, but you won’t get good quality food. However, with effort, you can still get enough. Hunt and get mice, frogs, and other creatures as you explore the village.

Meet various characters and communicate with them. Give them their favorite things and build up their affection, and they will tell you their stories. Cute friends with diverse stories are waiting for you.

Will Cinnamon be able to return home safely?

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