Nintendo has a huge cast of characters to pull from, and they constantly release sequels and spin-offs for those brands. That said, Nintendo does create fresh IP as well, but not as often as their sequels. The good news is that Nintendo fans can expect more of both going forward.

Nintendo just held their 84th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and with it came a question and answer session. One of the questions pertained to Nintendo working with new IP in the future, and Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi says that’s at least partially a goal for the company.

Mr. Takahashi said that Nintendo’s devs are considering various options for the future when it comes to games. That includes both games for those who love Nintendo’s established franchises along with content for customers who want something new. Of course, Takahashi didn’t share specifics for either of those cases, so we’ll just have to hang tight!

UPDATE: We now have the official English translation of Nintendo’s response to this question, and you can read it in full below.


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18d ago

I've never understood the idea that Nintendo doesn't create new IP - they make games with new characters all the time. Sometimes it catches on, like with Splatoon, and sometimes they just stay in that single game - which is also totally fine.