Nintendo fans are always wondering what the Big N is cooking up next, and so are Nintendo’s investors. While Nintendo fans are eager to play Nintendo’s next games, investors want more insight in order to gauge what money moves they should make. While those investors might want more details, Nintendo isn’t willing to share.

Nintendo just held their 84th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and with it came a question and answer session. One of the questions came from an investor who noted how it can be hard to judge forecasts due to Nintendo keeping multiple projects under wraps. Unfortunately for investors, that’s the way it’s going to stay.

Nintendo has said that they believe surprises as being a key component of their business. Furthermore, Nintendo feels revealing their products far in advance would ruin the surprise for their fans.

Fans just got to experience that surprise first-hand with the recent reveals of Mario & Luigi: Brothership and Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom. Those surprises seemed to go over quite well with gamers, and it seems Nintendo is keen to keep making magic moments like that going forward.

UPDATE: We now have the official English translation of Nintendo’s response to this question, and you can read it in full below.


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25d ago

Surprise me by letting us save Marin from being trapped as a seagull forever !