Nintendo has always been a target for leaks. As one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, legions of fans are eager to know what’s next. This has led to information on Nintendo games and projects getting out in the public before Nintendo intended, but the company is taking extra measures to prevent that in the future.

Nintendo just held their 84th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and with it came a question and answer session. One of the questions pertained to the leak of Nintendo inside information and what Nintendo plans to do.

According to Nintendo, they are very well aware of the leaks that have happened, along with the supposed sources behind them. Nintendo has started working with special companies that help them diagnose security issues and also uses that info to take measures to prevent future problems. Nintendo has gone so far as to employ information security management as part of its internal information security system, and they’re also working on continuous education for employees.

UPDATE: We now have the official English translation of Nintendo’s response to this question, and you can read it in full below.


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24d ago

Thanks for fun article images, RMC.

I hope they stamp out all leaks and leakers. I hate things getting spoiled. I love those moments in Nintendo Directs when you can genuinely be surprised and thrilled.