Shigeru Miyamoto is as close to a household name as you can get for game developers. He’s been the rock star of the game industry for decades now, and he’s still imparting wisdom on various Nintendo projects. That said, there’s a whole slew of developers at Nintendo who have taken the reigns from Miyamoto in recent years.

Nintendo just held their 84th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and with it came a question and answer session. One of the questions pertained to Shigeru Miyamoto’s current efforts at Nintendo, along with his thoughts on how his fellow employees are handling their projects.

According to Miyamoto, he believes the generational change in Nintendo is going well, and he even believes the company has some excellent young developers in its offices. Miyamoto seems quite confident in what the younger developers are capable of, as he’s said he’s been able to hand off projects to them rather smoothly.

As for what Miyamoto is up to now, he says he’s heavily involved with Pikmin Bloom. As far as what he’s been doing on the mobile app, Miyamoto didn’t get into specifics.

UPDATE: We now have the official English translation of Nintendo’s response to this question, and you can read it in full below.


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