IzanagiGames, Inc. has announced that TOKYO CHRONOS & ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos TWIN PACK, jointly developed with MyDearest Inc. will be released digitally worldwide on August 1, 2024 (JST). The worldwide digital release in North America, Europe, and Asia coincides with the Japanese release of the game.

In addition, the digital version of the full game is now available to pre-order from Nintendo Switch storefronts (Nintendo eShop, My Nintendo Store). A limited time only discount of 10% also applies.

Experience two classic VR adventure titles in the all-new TOKYO CHRONOS & ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos TWIN PACK. This unforgettable bundle invites you to dive into the mystery of “TOKYO CHRONOS” and the sci-fi thrills of “ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos.” With character designs by LAM, this Twin Pack offers stunning visuals and immersive storytelling.

The opening theme for “TOKYO CHRONOS” is performed by Eir Aoi, while ASCA delivers the ending theme. “ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos” features a stellar lineup of artists, including ASCA, R!N, Wolpis Carter, Setsuko, YuNi, and Konomi Suzuki, each contributing to the game’s captivating soundtrack.

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