Get ready for new adventures at the heart of Fort Boyard with the video game Fortress Challenge – Fort Boyard, developed by Breakfirst.

Fortress Challenge – Fort Boyard not only promises fresh puzzles and daunting challenges but also aims to captivate an ever-growing fan community, placing the iconic character of Sir Fouras at the center of the action, along with many other surprises!

Fortress Challenge – Fort Boyard is now available digitally on Switch.

Sir Fouras has taken the adventure at Fort Boyard to the next level. With his 6 exclusive perks, one for each game, he will shake up the rules. Upon your arrival at the Fort, select the perk of your choice, while Sir Fouras guides you through his mysterious riddles.

This new edition also offers 10 brand new trials, including Tug of War, Pirate Planks, Bank, Garage, and many more. Get ready to experience epic challenges and push your limits!

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