Back in 2009, THQ tried to send a 24-karat gold-plated Wii to Queen Elizabeth II as part of a publicity stunt. Not surprisingly, the Wii never made it to the royal highness. Instead, it made its way to a console collector, but soon you can take in this majestic piece of Nintendo history in person.

The gold Wii eventually got purchased by the gang at Console Variations, and they don’t want to keep their collector’s item a secret any longer. For the first time ever, the gold Wii will be on public display for those in attendance at Gamescom 2024. The console isn’t up for sale, but at least you’ll be able to take all the pictures you want!

You might note in the image above that the gold Wii and Wii Remote are present, but the gold Nunchuk is nowhere to be found. Sadly, that piece of this special hardware has long since been lost, but at least the main components are still holding strong. That said, let’s hope that somehow, some way that gold Nunchuk finds its way back to the system it belongs with!

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