Not that long ago, WayForward reassured Switch fans that Clock Tower: Rewind was still on-track for a release in 2024. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on the North American and European release info, but today brings us news on when the game drops in Japan.

Over in Japan, Clock Tower: Rewind is being published by Superdeluxe Games, and they’ve just confirmed an October 31st, 2024 release for that part of the world. That happens to be the same date as Halloween, making for the perfect time to drop this revamped horror classic. Let’s hope that those of us in NA/EU get the same treatment, and that we also learn the release date in the near future.

Superdeluxe Games also shared details on the Japanese Deluxe Edition of Clock Tower: Rewind, which differs slightly from what you can get in NA/EU. A breakdown of the Japanese Deluxe Edition is as follows:

  • special case
  • Deluxe+ mini magazine
  • trading card
  • sticker set
  • two postcards featuring newly drawn artwork
  • original soundtrack
  • the game itself, complete with a reversible cover.

Originally released on Super Famicom in 1995 in Japan, Clock Tower traps players in the haunting confines of the Barrows family manor, where they’ll be pursued by Scissorman, a murderous, shears-wielding psychopath. As teenage orphan Jennifer Simpson, players will use a point-and-click interface to explore the mansion and search every disturbing corner to find items, reveal secrets, and discover ways to survive Scissorman’s assaults. Without any offensive capabilities, Jennifer must rely on her wits and resourcefulness if she has any hope of escaping with her life and earning one of the game’s multiple endings. A tense atmosphere, chilling sound effects, detailed 2D animations, and randomized elements to maximize replayability demonstrate why Clock Tower is considered a groundbreaking pioneer in the survival-horror genre.

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