If you’re an older gamer, you might remember a game called Punky Skunk on the PlayStation 1. The game offered classic 2D platforming fun, and it starred the gen-X skunk, Punky, as he set out to stop the wolf Badler and his legion of mouse-like Chews from polluting the lands with factories and machinery.

Punky Skunk didn’t exactly light the world on fire, as it was a rather straightforward and easy platformer with graphics that were considered dated for the time. It was indeed a bit of an odd game to release in the PlayStation era, but the dev team originally intended to bring the game out for the Super Famicom. When they saw tastes were changing from Super Famicom to PS1, the dev team pivoted to port the game to Sony’s platform.

Ever wonder what happened with the Super Famicom version of Punky Skunk? Well, it never ended up seeing release…but that could all change very soon. An official Kickstarter is set to launch, and the goal is to release the game on a Super Famicom cartridge for the first time ever. Specifics on the campaign haven’t been shared yet, but you can keep tabs on the Kickstarter by signing up here.

Thanks to Vachi for the heads up!

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