Little Kitty, Big City lets players explore a city, cause mischief and generally have fun as a cute little kitten. It’s a mostly stress-free experience, but it turns out original plans for the game would have made the adventure a lot more taxing.

In an interview with Games Industry, Little Kitty, Big City creator/Double Dagger founder Matt Wood spoke on the original idea for the game, and it seems the first draft of the experience was going to focus more survival mechanics. Wood quickly learned this approach wasn’t exactly what players were looking for.

“I realized that when people want to play or connect with a cat, the last thing they want is to have that cat struggle, fail, get hurt or be in distress. It’s not that type of game. This is for fun and making people smile. It didn’t take very long for me to realize I can’t really make a good survival game interesting without putting the cat in danger. So I scrapped that.”

[Double Dagger founder Matt Wood]

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