Baskin Robbins now selling Super Mario Ice Cream in Japan

Do they give you Ice-cream powers?

28 June 2024
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Baskin Robbins in Japan will launch Super Mario-themed ice cream starting June 28, 2024.

The special campaign flavor, “Super Star,” features grape and muscat with star-shaped candy pieces in a milk ice cream base. The promo also includes Mario-themed cups, a Warp Pipe sundae, and a ? Box takeout container that holds eight ice creams.

There’s a Wonder Flower drink, a ramune with Pop Rocks and shaved ice flavored with grape and soda syrup, which can be enhanced with a ball of ice cream.

Ice cream cakes featuring Super Mario characters and Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD are also available, allowing you to choose six flavors and decorate the cake yourself.

Check out some pictures of what’s being offered below!

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