Anybody up for a tropical vacation? Just picture this: white sandy beaches, shiny seashells, beautifully polished sea glass… maybe you can almost see pieces of coral scattered along the shores, and hear the breeze and the peaceful waves. Well, we’ve got the perfect squad to accompany you on this vacation: Coral Decor Pikmin are on the way! Also, don’t forget to grab a vacation outfit for your Mii to enjoy your tropical walks!

The Coral Decor Pikmin event kicks off July 1, 2024, 0:00 local time and runs until July 31, 2024, 23:59 local time. Clear Event Challenge missions to obtain seedlings for Coral Decor Pikmin (7 types in total)

For every Event Challenge mission that you clear, you’ll be able to obtain rewards at random. These can be Iridescent Seashells, seedlings that grow into Coral Decor Pikmin, flower petals, or other items. Additionally, when the Big Flower at the center of the stage blooms, you’re guaranteed to receive a Gold Seedling on top of the random rewards.

For full details on the Coral Decor Pikmin event, check out the official Pikmin Bloom blog.

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