Twelve notes. That’s all that it takes to create beautiful and diverse music across an eclectic mix of styles. Yet in the right hands they are the foundation for a wonderfully weird musical chaos. Developer Produktivkeller Studios and Publisher SunDust are proud to announce the game will be moving to more stages than ever, when the curtain lifts on the Switch version on July 11, 2024.

Up to 4 players can pick up their instruments on Switch and try to master the classical music tracks included, extend their library via or try their best to play one of the songs supplied by the community. Disaster Band will allow full cross-platform multiplayer, so regardless of your preferred platform, band members are easy to find.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart mentioned that the music is not found in the notes, but in the silence between. Everybody who picks up Disaster Band and either plays solo, as part of a dynamic duo, a terrible trio or quirky quartet will agree, once they pick up classical instruments like the violin, flute, violoncello or trombone or even one of the more exotic contraptions and try to follow the notes in order to fight your way up the worldwide leaderboards.

There is nothing wrong with playing wrong - unless you want to crack that highscore. But with the creative freedom to play any given note at any given time, you can practice or improvise, while you discover the music. And don’t forget: Practice makes perfect! And perfection will eventually lead to higher scores. But where is the fun in that? With Disaster Band’s dynamic sound engine even playing the wrong notes leads to tremendous fun and endless entertainment for all ages and skill levels.

Thanks to integration, your musical journey has no end. Use your PC to create your own MIDI tracks and share them with the community. Or import other players’ songs to get into a new groove either in the rehearsal room or on the world stage.


Online-Multiplayer for up to 4 players - If you are host or joining the party, if you play with friends or strangers: the low latency connection makes sure that more players mean more fun

Intuitive controls - Precise, direct and effortless: Disaster Band makes sure, that absolutely everybody can enjoy their way to musical success, on supported systems even with gyro-controls

20 tracks out of the box - Get your friends and prove with these timeless classics that you have what it takes to be a master musician integration - Create your own tracks (via MIDI) and share them with the Disaster Band community. Please note: To create and upload tracks you need a PC. (*)

15 instruments to choose from - Experience the songs like never before: From classical greats like violin or trombone to exotic instruments and even cats meowing or a choir there are thousands of possible combinations.


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