Shooty Bazooky,a new game studio startup is proud to announce Starlair for the Switch and Switch’s successor.

The universe is always expanding. That’s even true in Starlair. Every time new planets are created (by the players), the universe will expand. New motherships will launch. The world is always growing.

But what is Starlair all about? It’s about a huge, endless adventure that’s almost entirely created by the players. Every planet in the game is a world that a player built. These are side-scrolling Metroidvanias that could take half an hour or a week to complete. As more people play, more worlds will appear, and it could take a lifetime to complete them all.

You play as a bounty hunter. As the game opens, you’ve betrayed your employer by releasing a bounty that, in turn, assassinates the wife of said employer - for revenge. Accused of conspiring with the freed bounty, your former employer demands a life of servitude in exchange for what he has lost.

You’ve been tasked with tracking down mysterious artifacts hidden away inside the “asylum planets”, which are the worlds you’ll be creating in Starlair. As you collect more artifacts, you’ll begin to learn what they are - and why your employer desperately wants them. But - at one point, as you collect more of them, someone else will approach you with another offer.

You can delve into the story - or just fly around in space playing worlds. It’s up to you. It’s not heavy-handed, and that’s intentional. Every world has a social area in the landing zone. Here you can chat with other players - share tips/secrets, or check the world’s leaderboard to see who has the fastest clear time, the most clears, the most monsters killed, the top percentages, etc.

Starlair is set to launch into early access later this summer - and it’s currently on Kickstarter.

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