Retro Studios were the ones in charge of Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns, but Nintendo very much played a part in development of those games as well. While Nintendo entrusted Retro with these franchises, their dev team still had to create experiences that would get the stamp of approval from Shigeru Miyamoto.

In a snippet from multiple Kiwi Talkz podcast episodes, we get to hear numerous former Retro devs talk about the wisdom Miyamoto imparted on their work with Donkey Kong and Metroid. You can see a round-up of those details below.

  • Miyamoto named a dozen things to be fixed after first laying eyes on the prototype for Metroid Prime, and all of his suggestions were spot-on
  • Miyamoto particularly said Samus needs to be taller and the world needed to be scaled down
  • Miyamoto liked the sound of the ambience in the intro level of Metroid Prime he was shown
  • with Donkey Kong Country Returns, Miyamoto told Retro to ‘take care of Donkey Kong,’ and referred to Donkey Kong as his ‘friend’
  • Miyamoto was the one who suggested Donkey Kong would blow up dust and dirt in Donkey Kong Country Returns

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2y ago

'Samus needs to be taller'

Sakamoto didn't get the memo until 2017.


2y ago

Miyamoto is a genius, he was made to make fun games and stands undefeated in his acomplishments for the medium