The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with all of its intricate gameplay systems and mechanics, would be downright impossible on the Game Boy. There might be some way that a talented developer could capture the spirit of the game’s many features and translate them to the Game Boy, but the end result would no doubt be considerably different from what we can now enjoy on Switch.

While Tears of the Kingdom might be unachievable on the Game Boy, that doesn’t mean some aspects of the game wouldn’t translate over well. Case in point, a very talented artist has taken some of the cut-scenes from Tears of the Kingdom and given them a Game Boy makeover, and the results are absolutely stunning.

The video above shows off all sorts of pivotal moments from Tears of the Kingdom, but captured in a Game Boy aesthetic. It does seem like most of this work would be possible on the Game Boy itself, as it’s mostly still shots with some limited animation. Those limitations don’t make the animation any gorgeous though, and just goes to show that a strong art style can sing in any medium.

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