The amount of NieR:Automata merch is absolutely wild. There have been so many tie-in products launched for the game since its release 2017 that it can make your head spin. Food items, jewelry, plush dolls, blankets, artwork, you name it. The deluge has been fast and furious, and there haven’t been any signs of things letting up. As a matter of fact, yet another new line has been announced as of today.

This time, Square Enix and Medicos are teaming for a fresh line of NieR:Automata merchandise to be sold at Don Quijote locations in Japan, and the line launches mid-July 2024. This wave of goodies features the anime versions of A2, 2B, and 9S in more traditional clothing instead of what they wear in the game/anime.

The lineup of items in this wave of merch is as follows:

  • Big acrylic stand: ¥1,650
  • B2-sized tapestry: ¥3,850
  • Acrylic keychain: ¥880
  • Tin badge set: ¥1,320 for all three badges
  • Acrylic diorama set: ¥3,850
  • Life-sized character tapestry: ¥7,700
  • T-shirt: ¥2,750
  • Clear file set: ¥990 for all three files

Customers can also get a random illustration card for every ¥2,000 spent on a single receipt. These cards feature A2, 2B, 9S, or all three. To get a look at the entire merch line, check out this link.

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