Paramount+ has shared a new featurette exploring behind the scenes content from ARK: The Animated Series. In this video, lead writers Marguerite Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis breakdown Mei-Yin’s (Michelle Yeoh) upbringing on how she has become a formidable warrior in the series.

This is an eight minute feature which includes footage from ARK: The Animated Series, as well as interviews with the crew, giving their insight into Mei-Yin’s character. You can check out the entire show for yourself, as it’s available to stream right now on the Paramount+ streaming service.

An animated adaptation of the hit video game featuring Yeoh, Butler, Crowe and Diesel, ARK: THE ANIMATED SERIES is a sweeping saga spanning eons of human history. When 21st century paleontologist Helena Walker (Madden) finds herself resurrected on a mysterious primeval island populated by prehistoric beasts, she must learn to survive with new allies from throughout time, while trying to uncover the true nature of their strange new world.

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