Nintendo has released plenty of accessories and peripherals that went outside the beaten path over the years. One of their more interesting experiments was the Satellaview, which never received an official release outside of Japan.

Created for the Super Famicom/SNES in 1995, this device allowed players to download games and game related media via the Internet. For its time, the Satellaview was pretty groundbreaking, but it didn’t quite take off. The device was discontinued a few years later.

If you’re curious about this piece of Nintendo’s history, you should check out the eight minute promo video for the Satellaview up above. This was originally released via VHS tape in Japan. YouTube channel Hard4Games went ahead and cleaned the promo up as best they could, re-uploading it in HD. The video covers the look of the device, how it works, and several games available from it.

The Satellaview may be gone, but we’ll always have artifacts like this to remember it by!


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