Monolith Soft has really come into their own in the last decade+. While the team certainly made a massive impact with their Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos franchises, they reached the next level when they birthed Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. Since then, it’s only been onwards and upwards to bigger things for the studio.

Releasing hit after hit, Monolith Soft has more than proven themselves as a powerhouse in the industry. With such success, you might wonder what the studio has in mind for their future. According to Hirohide Sugiura, one of the founders of Monolith Soft, the goal from here on out is to keep soaring higher.

**Instead of being satisfied with the status quo, we keep aiming for higher quality.

As I mentioned before, as long as Monolith Soft exists, our drive to never be satisfied with the status quo and aim for higher quality will never change.

To that end, we are thinking about increasing efforts to lay the groundwork for an environment where new leaders can be born.

Also, we want to keep being a company that makes customers happy. For example, beyond the framework of just video games, we want to become a charismatic company, such as by expanding further into the realm of customer service.**

[Hirohide Sugiura, one of the founders of Monolith Soft]

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19d ago

Well firstly I want Monolith to do more than just Xenoblade and few parts of Zelda dev support.


18d ago

That's a high bar. They've been one of the best developers of the last decade.


18d ago

I can't wait to see what Monolith Soft delivers on Nintendo's next hardware. Their games have been consistently impressive. I'd love to see another game in the vein of Xenoblade X as well.