World of Tanks: Blitz is a game filled with tanks that battle it out, but it’s not really a historically-accurate war simulator. That kind of game exists in the World of Tanks franchise, but Blitz is more about unique collabs, all-out action and fun. Now we’re getting a bit of insight as to why.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Thaine Lyman, general manager of MS-1 Studios at Wargaming, opened up on why Blitz veers away from the historical battles and authenticity you see in the PC version of the game. It seems players on mobile and Switch prefer to keep things light and fanciful.

For us, it’s less and less about the historical events and things like that. I have a huge respect for the sacrifices that the Greatest Generation made, all the things they did to get us here. I feel like as a company we do a great job with Warships and Tanks PC in honoring these things. With Blitz, I think our audience is more excited by–for Gen Z it’s not even just their grandfather. It’s his father or grandfather that were in the war. We try to put in front of them things that are more in their memory.

We have events like–we had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles event that just wrapped up recently. We have a Star Trek event that’s coming up in July. In August we refresh our Mad Games, which is kind of our own Mad Max world, that post-apocalyptic era with all the crazy spiky tanks. We did that with Korn, too. As an old guy I joke with my team. Whenever we talk about doing a musical collaboration with a band where I recognize their name, I say, “Wait, are we sure? Is that the one we want? I’m not sure my kids are into this.”

For people who maybe haven’t realized how different a game Blitz is to World of Tanks PC–if the idea of playing in a tank sounds like fun, but the idea of being steeped in the World War II historical period sounds less appealing, give Blitz a try. You may find that it speaks to you in a way that what people traditionally think of as World of Tanks maybe doesn’t. For the people who’ve played for a while and moved away, now is a great time to come back and check it out. A lot of things have changed in Blitz since five years ago, 10 years ago. Plus they have a bunch of rewards waiting for them when they come back and play.

[Thaine Lyman, general manager of MS-1 Studios at Wargaming]

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