Nintendo, HAL and iPhone accessory manufacturer iFace have teamed up for a new line of Kirby-themed iPhone items, and the entire line is up for grabs in Japan right now.

The star of the show is a series of 6 different iPhone cases, and each is priced at $26. The lineup includes different takes on Kirby and Waddle Dee, with designs split between character art and game logos.

Along with that comes a series of Airpods cases and ring holders. There are 6 Airpods cases altogether, and that line also features both Kirby and Waddle Dee. As for the ring holders, there’s a whopping 9 to choose from. Designs on the ring holders include Kirby and Waddle Dee, but there’s also one Maxim Tomato and one Meta Knight option. The cases are priced at $20.50 while the ring holders are $15.

Those who purchase these goodies from the official iFace website or iFace Lab can get a limited edition sticker with an 8-bit Kirby, stars and the word “Invincible” above his head. This is available until Aug. 31st, 2024 and customers have to spend at least 3,500 yen to get the sticker.

To get a closer look at the entire lineup of iFace iPhone accessories, check out the gallery here.

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