2024 marks 30 years since Earthbound launched on the Super Nintendo. To be more specific, the landmark RPG arrived on the Super Famicom in Japan August 27th, 1994, but it wouldn’t see localization here in the states until June 5th, 1995. Still, we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of the game’s initial launch this year, and plenty of goodies have already dropped.

The official MOTHER series X account shared a celebratory message in honor of Earthbound’s 30th anniversary, and that was followed by a wave of announcements. There have been merch drops like apparel and plush dolls, the announcement of a concert series, and lots of other fun stuff. Now it seems like even more is in store.

In a new X post, the official MOTHER account stated that there are both big and small projects in the works to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Among those projects are surprises that are “a little unique.” The message went on to say that fans will be given a sneak peek at some of the things in the works, and there may even be more than you’re expecting.


The only other thing that was shared alongside the message was the image above. It just seems like a curtain that will be eventually pulled back to reveal some of those unique announcements. Then again, maybe the image in and of itself is some sort of tease, which is why we shared it above. Either way, it seems Earthbound fans have some exciting times ahead!


UPDATE: One of the projects that was being teased has been revealed. In Earthbound, players can grab an item called a “Cup of Lifenoodles,” which removes any and all status ailments, and can also recover a fallen party member’s HP completely. In the near future, Earthbound fans will be able to purchase a real-life version of the “Cup of Lifenoodles,” which won’t have the same powers as those in the game, but they’ll hopefully taste fantastic!

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