Revealed at the Magical Living Open House, Chris McAuley, co-creator of the StokerVerse, and Claudia Christian, famed for her role in Babylon 5, unveiled their exciting new handheld game, Dark Legacies: Onslaught, slated for release on Chromatic and fully compatible with the Game Boy Color. ModRetro will spearhead development and publishing while managing exclusive physical pre-orders through their website.

Dark Legacies: Onslaught, a unique addition to the Sci-Fi Universe series, is an intense, fast-paced space side-scrolling shooter. Take control of Major Jessica Steele or Marshal Jake Reeves, tasked with eliminating an alien threat that has invaded the galaxy. Engage in battles with increasingly challenging enemies and epic boss battles in a visually stunning space environment. Enhance your firepower with valuable power-ups, making each playthrough a unique experience.


A Diverse Arsenal of Weaponry: Start with a basic blaster, and on the way, pick up upgrades to blast your enemies with like rapid-fire lasers, spread shots, homing missiles, plasma grenades, and energy beams.

Power-Ups and Upgrades: Stay alive with various health packs, shield enhancements, invincibility, and limited-use special weapons.

Challenging Enemies and Bosses: From alien henchmen, mini-bosses, and massive, multi-phase bosses.

Beautifully Handcrafted Levels: Explore vast environments like dangerous asteroid fields, space stations, and giant alien planets, all with dynamic challenges.

Stunning Visuals and Sound: Experience vibrant colors, detailed sprites, adrenaline-pumping beats, and distinct sound effects for an immersive gameplay experience.

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