Nintendo seems to slowly, but surely getting back into the F-ZERO franchise. We’re still waiting for that brand-new entry in the series, but at least Nintendo is using the IP for fresh takes like F-ZERO 99. Hopefully more from love from Nintendo is on the way, but while we wait for that, a talented homebrew dev is picking up the mantle.

F-ZERO made its debut on the SNES, and a number of installments made it to portable platforms like the GBA. Unfortunately, pocket systems like the Game Boy Color never got to get in on the futuristic racing, but homebrewer User0x7f is making things right by coming up with a fantastic-looking F-ZERO homage.

The X post above shows off User0x7f’s Game Boy Color tribute to F-ZERO, and it uses the portable’s modest tech specs to come up with something truly fantastic looking. It’s pretty awesome to see what you can do with the right approach, and thanks to the GIFs included in the post above, you can see just how impressive this F-ZERO homage is.

You might also note that User0x7f said they’d release a free download of their F-ZERO tribute if the post got 200 likes. Not surprisingly, that goal was hit with ease, so an official free download is on the way. We’ll make sure to update this post once the update goes live!

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