It seems pretty safe to say that Pikmin is bigger now than it’s ever been. The franchise has been growing ever since it launched on the GameCube, but with Pikmin 4 becoming the series’ best-selling game yet, there’s no doubt we have more Pikmin fans in our ranks than ever before.

Nintendo wants to make sure they cultivate more fans and keep the current base happy, which is why we’ve seen so much Pikmin content in recent months. There’s been a ton of different merch released (with more on the way), but Nintendo has also taken the time to cook up a free goody for fans around the world.

As spotted by VGC, Nintendo has updated their Pikmin Garden website in Japan with a heaping helping of Pikmin wallpapers. There are 15 brand-new pieces of art for you to grab and use on either your PC or mobile device, and all of them plop down the Pikmin in some various real-life settings.

You can see one example of the wallpapers at the top of this post, but if you’d like to take a gander at the entire gallery, you can dig through the collection here.


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