Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance launched just two weeks back and it’s already off to a stellar start. ATLUS recently shared that the game reached 1.6 million combined units sold across all platforms, so SMT fans have shown they’re more than eager to get more content from this universe. Not surprisingly, ATLUS is ready to cash in on that popularity with a special event.

ATLUS has teamed with RED° Tokyo Tower in Japan for a physical collaboration event that gives customers a chance to snag some special merch and enjoy SMTV: Vengeance-themed snacks as well. Those looking to get in on the event will have to cough up $16.75 for a ticket.

The menu lineup for this collaboration event is as follows:

  • Nahobino (Blue lemonade squash)
  • Jack Frost (Sparkling lemon)
  • Qadistu (Sparkling berries)

A ticket to the event also comes with more than just the opportunity to buy snacks and merch. Each ticket lets you play games a the facility for 90 minutes, and it also gives you access to a mobile stamp rally that nets you a bonus card should you win. Finally, the ticket also gets you a set of chibi SMT V: Vengeance character stickers.

As for the merch mentioned above, there’s quite a bit to pick from. To see a complete gallery of all the goodies along with the themed drinks, check out the official site here.

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