The Plucky Squire garnered all sorts of attention when it was first revealed back in 2022, and fans have been dying to get their hands on the game ever since. It’s clear the dev team has been working hard on this title, and while it’s still slated for a 2024 launch, we’re all eager to get a release date locked in.

While we’re waiting on that launch information, a Nintendo Life interview has given some insight into why the title is taking so long. According to co-director James Turner, a massive amount of content has been made for the game; so much so that a big chunk of it will never make it to players’ hands.

Turner shared that he thinks the team has actually made two games’ worth of content, with half of the experience being left “on the cutting room floor.” This includes content we’ll never see, along with characters and gameplay aspects that have been massively overhauled from their initial designs.

Hopefully whatever did make the cut in The Plucky Squire will be worth the wait. If the game ends up going over well, maybe we’ll get some of that cutting room floor content as DLC or a sequel!

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17d ago

Interesting! I suppose that making a lot of content then cutting some would increase the overall quality, as you're only seeing the best ideas in the end result.