This Pikmin Bloom Community Day, Big Flowers will be blooming into water lilies! Get ready to paint the world around you in vibrant colors! Additionally, the shop will be offering a limited time Community Day bundle pack, and a special Community Day mission ticket - don’t forget to check them out! Pikmin Bloom’s next Community Day is set for July 13th 0:00 to 14th 23:59 local time.

Big Flowers will bloom into water lilies when you plant regular blue, red, yellow, or white petals around them. (Each Big Flower will bloom for 3 hours only)

Players achieving the 10,000 step goal on either the 13th or the 14th will be awarded a special Water Lily Flower Badge.

Please note that if you don’t reach 10,000 steps by the 13th at 23:59, your progress will be reset on the 14th at 0:00 local time. Your steps for July 13th may be updated by your device after the 14th at 0:00 am, but even if they end up displaying a total of more than 10,000 steps for the 13th, you won’t receive the badge in this case.

In order to receive the badge, you must launch the app on the day when you plan to complete the 10,000 step task. Please note that if you don’t open the app at least once on this day, you may not be able to redeem your badge.

Seedlings in your planter pack will grow at 1.5x the usual speed (and more, if you’re flower planting!)

The Community Day Bundle Pack will be available in the shop from July 13th at 0:00 until July 14th at 23:59 local time.

The special Community Day mission ticket will be available to purchase from July 13th at 0:00 until July 14th at 23:59 local time. When you purchase this ticket, you will have access to a special mission.

The Community Day special mission obtained through the ticket purchase must be completed before July 15th, 2024 at 23:59 local time.

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