Today, Square Enix Collective® and FuturLab® released the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator on Switch.

This topsy-turvy Special Pack features a wide range of level aesthetics, from opulent maximalism to introspective minimalism, featuring elements such as ornate interiors and fabrics, unique furnishings, custom themed cutlery, crockery and furniture - including details like the good-enough-to-eat carrot utensils!

The whimsical special pack captures the essence of Alice in Wonderland by showcasing iconic visuals and quirky designs. Players will enjoy the beautiful environmental art, vivid colors, and unique looks depicted in each level. The adventurous special pack has five fun and colorful levels, 10 new achievements*, Alice in Wonderland themed ‘Washer’ and ‘Character’ skins, and more.

Maps included in the new mind-bending Special Pack are:

Wonderland Entrance Hall

Travel through an incredible ‘Ames Illusion’ corridor into the Entrance Hall – revealing unique patterns on the floors and ceilings and quirks in the architecture as you wash, such as little doors nested in the main doors.​

White Rabbit’s House

Alluding to the Rabbit’s pre-occupation with being late, his home has been littered with clocks and time motifs, including a clock floor and the pervasive sound of ticking.

Caterpillar’s Mushroom

Ever wondered if a caterpillar wears socks? Wonder no more, as players will find them hanging on the line. A more curious question is do they wear PJ’s and what do they look like?! The answer lies under the muck!

Mad Tea Party

In this unique level, players will see things from a whole new perspective… being shrunken down to miniature size and let loose to clean up the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Queen of Hearts’ Court

Players will feel imposed and invited in equal measure. Beautiful environmental art and regal details, such as the trimmed hedges that perfectly line up with the Queen’s crown and the wonderfully illustrated banners undoubtably cement this as a domain fit for a Queen!

The Alice’s Adventures Special Pack is out now and available to purchase for $7.99.

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