StarKeeper is the latest title from Longterm Games. Today, the developers showed the game for the first time, unveiling its announcement trailer. StarKeeper will take players into uncharted corners of the galaxy, where they will manage their own tavern on an asteroid hurtling through space. Gameplay goes beyond just serving drinks and meals to clients from other planets, as players will face challenges based on four pillars: travel, trade, management and relationships.

Procedurally generated star systems, full of random events and numerous alien species, ensure that every playthrough will be unique. StarKeeper is an isometric 3D game where players will strive to satisfy the needs of diverse guests, aiming to make their tavern the talk of the entire galaxy. They will achieve this by serving the best food, offering clean and comfortable rooms, and providing affordable fuel.

Here’s what awaits hosts who aren’t afraid to embark on a galactic journey:

🚀 Travel – explore diverse star systems and meet their inhabitants. Visit planets with unique climates, from icy to tropical, each offering special goods for sale. Confront challenging travel hazards like meteor showers, mood-altering nebulae, or galactic conflicts. React to dynamically changing circumstances in procedurally generated regions of space. The places you visit will leave a mark on your asteroid in the form of new residents, cultural elements, or artifacts.

💰 Trade – develop your own trading network to gain access to a rich variety of products. To achieve this, you’ll need trade and transport permits in various star systems. Sounds complicated? Smuggling is always an option!

📈 Management – oversee buildings and workshops that provide food, drinks, oxygen, and fuel. Gather a team of robotic workers ready to assist in various tasks, while you enjoy decorating rooms in your tavern. Arrange tables, chairs, and specialized machines, including kitchen equipment that allows experimenting with dishes.

🤝 Relationships – forge connections by satisfying the needs of diverse guests, influenced by their race and faction allegiance. Meat-eaters, vegetarians, pacifists, and warriors - all are welcome within the walls of your tavern, but each group requires specific types of food, rooms, and decor. The most discerning customers may refuse to share space with others. Build friendships with factions or attempt to eliminate them in a political game. The fate of the cosmos will be shaped by your choices, and as the owner of a respected establishment, you can influence agreements and conflicts among cosmic nations.

StarKeeper will firstly be released on PC, with a version for Switch coming after the launch.

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