Transcenders Media is excited to announce that its new visual novel, Truer than You, will launch in 2025. A spiritual successor to the studio’s first visual novel, Knife Sisters, Truer than You presents a vibrant and beautifully stylized world deep in the clutches of Capitalism. Guide gig worker Rin through a new job at a secretive company specializing in renting out actors for real-life situations, and face the challenge of balancing when to stick to the script or going full improv across a catalogue of unique situations.

While Rin, a non-binary 26-year-old, settles into their new job, they are free to make their own decisions about how they approach clients, with only a few rules to guide them and strict instructions not to expose themselves as an actor. From pretending to be someone’s date at a dinner party to filming anonymous videos for an activist group, Rin finds themselves dragged into a sequence of unusual events and meeting a series of fascinating characters with their own unique backstories.

But when the people you meet think you are someone else entirely, how do you know what’s real and what isn’t? Can you truly outrun your past by pretending to be someone else?

As Rin, you’ll be able to guide the story as you see fit by using Truer than You’s intelligent, flowing dialogue system, enabling you to decide when to speak and when to stay silent. From the beginning of the game, an emphasis on not having to immediately react, taking your time, and making your own decisions takes center stage.

Truer than You List of features:

Unafraid to embrace difficult topics, Truer than You explores relationships and dilemmas on topics such as authenticity, society, and climate change.

A vibrant visual style accompanies a strong cast of appealing characters to meet as you progress.

There are several queer-friendly characters to meet and relationships to explore.

Over 1,000 dialogue choices that lead to multiple endings.

The game’s unique flowing dialogue choice system allows players to steer conversations as they wish to or simply sit back and watch the interaction unfold without speaking.

Truer Than You is set to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2025.

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