What’s up Crush Crew? Need help figuring out how to obtain Calixers? Here are ways to obtain Calixers just by playing the game Battle Crush.

NCSOFT released its new brawler action game BATTLE CRUSH in Early Access on Switch just a few days back. Players from 100 countries worldwide will be able to seamlessly join the action on Steam, Google Play, Apple App Store, and Nintendo Switch, with full cross-play support across all devices.

BATTLE CRUSH offers a thrilling action battle brawler where players fight to be the last one standing on ever-shrinking battlefields, filled with enemies. You will be able to pick a champion from various playable characters, known as Calixers, ranging from gods to mythological creatures and other urban legends to dominate the arena and overwhelm your enemies. Put your skill set to the test through different Calixers that offer unique play styles to choose from. Strike down your foes and be crowned victorious in the heat of an epic battle!

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