While the bulk of Kirby merch falls under plush dolls and figurines, there’s also some more interesting releases from time to time. Today brings us news on one such item, and it’s releasing very soon in Japan.

On July 11th in Japan, Takarajima is launching Kirby and Waddle Dee-themed tumblers. Each one of these tumblers is priced at $13, measures about 4.45 inches tall and has a top side diameter of 3.15 inches.

Takarajima says that under a room temperature of 68°F, your Kirby or Waddle Dee tumbler can retain 37.4°F water with ice for six hours. On the hot side of things, these tumblers can take 204.8°F water and keep it above 104°F for about an hour. In other words, hot or cold, your drinks should be optimal drinking temperatures for quite some time!

The Kirby and Waddle Dee tumblers will be sold at FamilyMart locations in Japan starting July 11th, 2024. Thanks to the WorldShopping widget, you can also get these shipped outside of Japan. If you’d like to pick up one or both, you can do so through this link.

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