The Katamari Damacy franchise has sold millions around the world, and it was a hit right out of the gate. The initial game’s worldwide success surprised a lot of people, and somehow the brand has managed to endure decades later. The latest proof of that is a new bit of merch releasing in Japan soon.

Bandai has pulled back the curtain on a series of Katamari Damacy keychains that will be available in gashapon machines in Japan sometime late in July 2024. Customer swill have to spend 300 yen for a pull, and the results will be one random keychain being spit out.

Each keychain features a silicon character that measures about 1 inch in height. As for the character lineup, you’ll be able to pull the following:

  • The Prince of All Cosmos
  • The King of All Cosmos
  • Miso
  • Ichigo
  • Beyond

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