Publisher Rainy Frog and developer Rainy Night Creations have announced Spy Drops for Switch. No release date has been shared at this time, but you can check out the debut trailer for this title below.

Experience PlayStation generation, low-polygon, 3D stealth action updated with modern effects such as lighting and shadows, randomly generated levels, modern equipment, and head-to-head local multiplayer.

An eco-terrorist organization is threatening to plunge the world into digital darkness, wiping out all digital records and sending the world back to the stone age. As a member of the counter terrorist Spy Drops team you are tasked with neutralizing the threat, but soon begin to question the mission objectives and uncover a deeper conspiracy.

Dropped behind enemy lines, your covert ops are to infiltrate infrastructure and undertake secret ops that includes gathering intel, installing spy devices and rescuing prisoners.

Mission layouts are randomly generated producing a tense gameplay experience as you never know what is around the next corner. Everyone’s game will be different.

Explore enemy bases room-by-room, choosing how to tackle each one. You can dodge, hack or shot cameras, knock out or kill guards, stick to the mission objective or explore further. Scout the area first with a drone, hide in lockers, or even use sponge boots to move around quieter. Stealth is always rewarded and you will earn more experience for not killing and remaining undetected.

You select what equipment to take on each mission, choosing from a range of items and weapons such as drones, hacking devices, night vision googles, sniper rifles, taser guns, mine detectors and many more. New equipment is researched and added as the game progresses.

Accumulate Target Points by extracting intel from unconscious guards using the Dream Catcher. You cannot extract any intel from dead bodies so always avoid killing when possible. Gain experience to level up your stats including health, stamina, aiming accuracy and luck. Go up against a friend in local head-to-head multiplayer!

Key Features

  • Nostalgic, low-polygon, 3D stealth action.
  • Randomized mission layouts, enemies and items.
  • Modern effects including real time lighting and shadows, changing times of day and varying weather conditions.
  • Choose what equipment to take and how to tackle each mission.
  • Tense stealth action with enemies that can see your shadow and hear your footsteps.
  • Original character designs by acclaimed Japanese studio ArtePiazza.
  • An intriguing story of cyber terrorism set in modern-day, exploring the challenges of the world adapting to new resources and technologies including AI.
  • Go up against a friend in local head-to-head multiplayer with spy against spy!
  • Three distinctively different environments: Military base, jungle and desert, each with different areas, obstacles and challenges.
  • Elaborate boss fights!

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