If you’ve been enjoying Fortnite Rocket Racing but you’re hungry for some new content, you’ll be happy to know that NASCAR has been cooking up some tracks for you to spin your wheels on, and the first one is available right now.

NASCAR has teamed up with UK metaverse marketing firm Karta to release tracks in Fortnite Rocket Racing that are inspired by real-life NASCAR races. The first of those tracks is available right now, and it’s inspired by the NASCAR Chicago Street Race. If you want to give the track a go, hop into Fortnite Rocket Racing and use the code 0012-6902-9252 to start your race.

NASCAR has pledged that this is just the beginning of their Fortnite Rocket Racing content, with not only more tracks in the works, but also events and venues as well. Details on just what’s next for the collab haven’t been shared, but more content will be released later this year.

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