Indie developer Mango Factory, the studio behind the upcoming horror card battler Kumitantei: Old School Slaughter, is sharing updates on their anticipated project. A new gameplay trailer offers a glimpse into the action and confirms the game’s Kickstarter campaign, coming September 24th.

More about the game:

School Is In Session

Kumitantei: Old School Slaughter is an ode to retro anime and pop culture stylings of 1980s Japan. Combining the artistic inspirations of Rumiko Takahashi with Danganronpa’s narrative design, the game blends hand-drawn details and a twisted horror narrative. Begin the journey alongside sixteen high school students trapped in an apocalyptic bunker. As a class, you’re goaded toward grisly murder by a sadistic overseer, forced to participate in a deadly psychological experiment that may cost your life. Playing as the sheepish barista Himari Sanada, it’s your job to investigate these murders, earn the trust of your fellow students, and uncover the truth of your macabre capture.

Card Battle Combat

Progress through Kumitantei’s gruesome story by forging bonds, battling other students, and unraveling twisted mysteries. In this kill-or-be-killed scenario, the game’s trust system can offer unique leverage opportunities in combat. Spending time with fellow classmates and offering them appropriate gifts unlocks new talent cards and advantages in future card battles. These 1-on-1 battles are a hectic tug-of-war for influence; deal attacks with Debate cards, finding weaknesses in your opponent’s argument to grow your influence. As the battle progresses, present proper evidence against your opponent and strike with The Final Word to silence them. Additional talent cards are available to strengthen your gameplay, and high trust levels with other students may present advantages in battle.

Kickstarter Launching This Fall

Interested players can preview Kumitantei’s gameplay features in the latest trailer. Get a glimpse of the game’s characters, art style, and card battle mechanics, and witness the wrath of Kumitantei’s antagonist, Nyanus. The trailer also reveals more on the game’s Kickstarter; the campaign will launch on September 24th and conclude on October 22nd, and a demo of Kumitantei will be available for download during this time.

Gameplay Features

  • Solve complex cases to discover the truth in an engaging murder mystery narrative.
  • Encounter sixteen uniquely gifted students locked in a deadly psychological experiment.
  • Bond with fellow participants to earn their trust, investigate gruesome crime scenes, and use your findings to uncover the truth.
  • Unlock special rewards as you increase your trust levels with classmates.
  • Purchase additional talent cards with in-game currency to strengthen your deck.
  • Leverage your relationships in card battles and gain advantages against your opponent.
  • Experience fast-paced Card Debates and retro minigames, all in the game’s signature 1980s anime style.
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