Independent developer QUByte Interactive has today released a new Dev Diary offering further insight into the art behind their upcoming futuristic action adventure MARS 2120 ahead of its 1.0 launch on Nintendo Switch on August 1st.

This second in a series of Dev Diaries looks at the art behind its Martian setting. Utilizing a mix of more realistic hard sci-fi environments with the colorful practical effects that dominated late 70s and 80s cinema in films like Alien, Aliens and Enemy Mine, the team at QUByte envisioned manmade structures ranging from research labs to a gargantuan greenhouse to the living quarters for a crew on a one-way expedition to the red planet amidst its colonization.

“The fascination that the red planet has held over us since the first probes began to touch its surface in 1971 and all the scientific knowledge we have so far have been the fuel for imagining what a human colony on Mars might look like in the not-too-distant future,” said QUByte Co-Founder Guilhes Damian. “What’s more, once again, the great science fiction movie titles of the 80s and 90s were a big part of the inspiration for the game’s visuals.”

More about the game:

In MARS 2120, humanity has successfully colonised various planets in our solar system, allowing people to escape an increasingly grim situation on Earth. After the UN receives a worrying distress call from Mars, it’s up to Sergeant Anna “Thirteen” Charlotte and an elite team of space marines to answer the call and rescue the first colony. To get to them, you’ll have to traverse a harsh landscape. fighting formidable and mysterious foes using a mix of ranged and melee attacks alongside useful elemental skills. How you dispatch your enemies is up to you, with the game offering players a non-linear approach to combat as well as exploration. Inspired by pioneers of the genre such as Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, MARS 2120 is an 8 hour, action packed metroidvania that offers a satisfying combat experience alongside cinematic flair. Will you survive?


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