The 3DS and StreetPass may be largely dead in 2024, but that hasn’t stopped one very dedicated group from finishing up a decades-old mission.

Those of you who remember the 3DS will no doubt have fond memories of StreetPass, the feature that let you know when you physically passed by another 3DS owner out in the wild. One of the things you could do with StreetPass was participate in StreetPass Mii Plaza: Puzzle Swap, which netted you virtual puzzle pieces for various digital pictures. What pieces you got were always the luck of the draw, making some puzzles quite tough to tackle.

Nintendo released a number of very rare puzzle pieces that were tied to limited-time events and region-specific puzzles, which means getting a complete set of puzzles was pretty much impossible. It seems that one group of diehard 3DS/StreetPass fans out there took that as a personal challenge, setting out to gather up every single puzzle piece available.

These efforts have literally been 13 years in the making, but now the StreetPass fan group has finally achieved their goal. After all this time, they’ve managed to scoop up the final ANAでDS puzzle piece, making one member of the team the first ever to 100% complete StreetPass Mii Plaza: Puzzle Swap.

The one piece that was missing was from a rare airplane-themed puzzle. The only way to snag pieces for this puzzle was by visiting specific airports during a very limited time, which means the organic way of completing this puzzle ended a long time ago. Thankfully, the complete puzzle was not lost to time, as one of the StreetPass fan group members received an email with a zip file claiming to have the missing puzzle piece. Once the group dug through the file, they found exactly what was promised.

As of today, all 63 Puzzle Swap puzzles have been wrapped up. It was a Herculean effort from a group of truly unwavering 3DS fans, but their efforts were not in vain. Wondering what’s next for this 3DS community? Well, now their efforts turn to modding to ensure these puzzles are available to all who want them and never get lost to time. The team is also considering implementing custom fan-made puzzles, but that’s a project for another day.


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