Ao Norte, the developer behind Tiny Garden, was hoping to bring their game to Switch via Kickstarter. The campaign launched with a modest goal of $5k to make the port happen, and that was achieved in roughly and hour’s time. Now the game is a lock for Switch, and there’s plenty of time left on the Kickstarter to reach some stretch goals.

Tiny Garden is a tiny farming and easy-going strategy game inside a plastic toy from the 90s. Plant, grow, and trade your vegetables for new plants and items to customize your toy set!

In Tiny Garden, everything revolves around the most humble plastic vegetables. Get some carrot or turnip seeds, make them grow, and trade them for bigger and fancier vegetables, plants, or even furniture items to customize every corner of your garden

In the beginning, there’s the seed. Grab it and bury it in the soil. Then turn the crank. Like if this was an actual mechanical toy, the crank would make things happen. After turning the crank one, two, or three times, the seeds will grow and become carrots, turnips, sunflowers and many more!

Once you have enough vegetables, you can harvest them and trade them for new seeds or items, like furniture, to customize your tiny home inside the toy set.

Some plants will change the soil. Cactus turn the land into a desert, bushes make grass grow around them, and fountains flood the terrain, turning it into a perfect spot for… a water lily, for example!

  • A game that represents a mechanical toy from our childhood
  • A relaxed experience: there’s no death, no hurry, no fail state
  • A wholesome and 90s aesthetic
  • Discover all items in the game and customize the tiny set however you want

Remember all the time you spent playing with this toy? You actually believed that growing vegetables was as easy as turning the crank. Now, older and wiser, you see that not all things are as easy as they look.

With your toy set, you will feel like you where there: 7 years old, laying down in the floor of your bedroom, setting some carrots and tomatoes in their places and turning the crank to watch some magic happen. You can put the wood table or the closet in the top part of the set. Meanwhile, you can grow sunflowers, water lilies, and even a big tree on the bottom part of the set. C’mon, spin the crank to make those grow and trade them for more seeds and furniture! There are some cute ones waiting for you!

Things are not just things. They are memories of a life lived.

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