When it comes to digital cameras, there are few worse than the Game Boy Camera. The black-and-white digital camera did its best to capture whatever you were pointing the lens at, but the Game Boy wasn’t exactly a powerhouse, leading to sub-optimal results. That’s the thing though…the Game Boy Camera wasn’t about pristine pictures or amazing image quality, it was all about turning the Game Boy into a camera for some silly fun.

It’s that focus on fun that has kept the Game Boy Camera alive decades after its launch, with longtime fans still seeing what they can do with the device. That brings us to Epilogue, the company behind the GB Operator, who is working to turn the Game Boy Camera into a very rudimentary webcam.

The GB Operator offers interoperability with personal computers, allowing users to play cartridges as they would on the original vintage hardware. It turns out there’s more to be done with the GB Operator though, as the devs at Epilogue is using the Playback app beyond its intended purpose of downloading Game Boy Camera photos.

As you can see above, the combo of the Game Boy Camera, GB Operator and Playback app can now turn the ancient peripheral into a makeshift webcam! There’s still work to be done and bugs to be ironed out, but the Epilogue team is working hard to make this support a reality for all Game Boy Camera owners.

While there’s no official release date for this Game Boy Camera webcam support, you’ll still need a GB Operator to try it in the first place. You can learn more about the GB Operator here.

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