Grab your scoops and ready your fish tank as SAT-BOX introduces its own take on a classic fairground game with new title “Scoop it! Goldfish!” Wield your poi, a paper net made for goldfish scooping, and scoop up as many fish as you can in a race against time. “Scoop it! Goldfish” is scheduled to release on Switch today.

It’s time for a carnival game classic: goldfish scooping! Scoop as many as you can and become a goldfish-scooping master! Let’s enjoy goldfish scooping on the Nintendo Switch™! Share Joy-Con™ and play with up to 4 players as you compete for the highest scores possible!

Play Modes

【Score Attack】

Scoop as many goldfish as you can and aim for a high spot on the leaderboards!


Compete with others and test your goldfish scooping skills!


Display the fish you’ve caught in Score Attack in an aquarium! Change to fullscreen mode and relax while watching your fish!

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