All the way back in September 2022, developer PiXEL announced plans to bring Angelian Trigger to Switch in 2023. That obviously didn’t happen, and we have no idea what’s taken so long, but the wait is almost over. Thanks to a new trailer, we now know the game is set to launch in Japan come Dec. 12th, 2024.

Those interested will have a chance to snag a digital copy for 4,950 yen, along with a limited physical edition for 8,800 yen. This package includes a copy of the game, an art book, two original pin badges, a pair of original 3D glasses, an Eames Detective Agency certificate, and a special box.

Angelian Trigger is a 3D shooting game in which you run through the screen while shooting down enemies. Each planet consists of four stages, and a stage is cleared by defeating the boss at the end. Both Story Mode and Arcade Mode contain a total of 24 stages. Arcade Mode also has unique bosses.

Mia can double jump and wields two guns, while Sheryl can fly and wields a large cannon. Since each protagonist plays differently, the same stages and enemies offer a different gameplay experience depending on the character. Additionally, you can gain an edge in combat with help from your support robot O-P2, offering backing like cover fire and force fields.

With homing lasers that let you lock onto multiple enemies, and bonus points when defeating groups of enemies, Angelian Trigger offers a sense of both speed and exhilaration.

Wati is a large city on the planet Galadsik where the Eames Detective Agency is located. While the agency is facing financial difficulties due to an influx of small cases, like investigating infidelity and finding missing pets, a request comes in from an anonymous client to investigate the green planet Sarius. Despite the unsettling indicators, such as Sarius being under the control of the Planetary Industry Minister Wizria and the client being anonymous, Mia and Sheryl take off to Sarius. This was the trigger that led them into a major conspiracy.

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