Nintendo, for whatever reason, never brings their games for display at the Tokyo Games Show. It seems Nintendo would rather showcase their titles in other methods and different events, but that doesn’t mean they have zero representation at TGS. As a matter of fact, at TGS 2024, Nintendo will be involved in not one, but two ways.

First up, it’s been revealed that Nintendo is one of the Platinum Sponsors for the Indie Game Project at TGS 2024. This event will showcase 80 different indie titles from various developers, and of course, some of them may be destined for Switch. As far as Platinum Sponsors for the Indie Game Project goes, Nintendo is joined by Sony Interactive Entertainment and KODANSHA GAME CREATOR’S Lab..

Second, Nintendo will once again have a presence at TGS’ Business Meeting Area. This is an area where game companies can hold meetings to discuss projects with indie devs, traditional third parties and more. Nintendo will no doubt be booked solid with meetings pertaining to Switch, along with the Switch’s successor.

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