First 4 Figures and Nintendo have worked together multiple times in the past to release statues based on the Big N’s beloved franchises. Now the two are teaming up once again to bring another character from the world of Animal Crossing to life.

This time around, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans can look forward to scooping up a Tom Nook statue! This happens to be the second statue in First 4 Figures’ Animal Crossing lineup, with the first being Isabelle. Pre-orders for this statue are set to open on July 11th, 2024. The statue faithfully captures Tom Nook’s appearance, from his droopy eyes to his brown fur. The highly detailed base is inspired by the Animal Crossing art style.

As usual, First 4 Figures will continue to share information on this Tom Nook statue leading up to launch, and that’ll include fresh looks, details on the definitive edition, pricing and more. We’ll keep tabs on all that info and bring it to you as it becomes available.

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